Electri Fi Engineers


Fi Group has created a niche for itself in the field of Water Treatment Solution. We have the track record of client’s confidence for our professional approach and timely completion ofthe quality product.

Electri Fi Engineers – established by Fi Group of experienced & dedicated professionals with a clear goal to provide high quality engineeringand manufacturing of power,control and automation panelsto the power and other industrial sectors in India & abroad.

Geared to provide end to end solutions, Electri Fi Engineers has successfully delivered the custom solutions since inception by virtue of itscommittedwork ethic and focused customer support.

Electri Fi Engineers

Our Vision

"To be a supplier and partner of choice for Power, Control and Automation Panels."

Our Mission

"To exceed our customer's expectations in quality, delivery and value for money through continuous improvement."

What We Do?

We have a complete quality control system in place and strictly adhere to internal quality control standards. Our dedicated & experienced staff members as well as engineers monitor the entire production process & ensure that all final products meet the expectations of clients.

We have fully equipped testing facilities like high voltage tests and other electric tests. We use state of the art EPLAN & AutoCAD platform for entire stage of design & development.

Electri Fi Engineers bringsto its clients an in-depth knowledge of the available products and techniques together with cost effective solutionsto today’s energy conservation problems.

Electri Fi Engineers provides a comprehensive range of industrial services including designing, manufacturing of control panels and many moretechnological solutions tothe industrial house all over Indiaandabroad.

These dedicated services are designed to meet the demanding requirements of number of industries and sectors, including power generation and general process engineering applications through long experience working within these sectors. Our products are manufactured to suit the regulatory norms of the local regulatory authority as per the customerspecific requirement.

Electri Fi Engineers specializes in the designingand execution of large industrial electrical power supply panels as well as Oil I Dairy I Gas I Sugar I Steel /Cement I Water Supply Projects etc. We provide completeturnkey solutions to all our clients.


The industrial development and prosperity of every Nation depends on the amount of energy consumed and the availability of energy for further development. The increased demand will cause concern on the limited energy sources available. It is therefore necessary to make efficient utilization of whatever energy available and avoidwastage.

Team Fi is committed to deliver the best design and the right option for the selection of Electrical instrumentation and installations taking into consideration the choice of Cables, Bus Bars, Connections, Isolators, Circuit Breakers, SFU’s and all major Switchgears that directly or indirectly contribute to the safe and secure operation of any industry thus keeping the work place accident free from the hazards and help in time and energy conservation.


Electri Fi Engineers has its professional panel building division specializing in all types of low voltage electrical switchboards up to the highest standards of production and testing. Type-Tested panels are also assembled upon project requirement.

  • PLC Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • Instrument control panel
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Trading of Engineering Products
  • Engineering Service

MCC is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power buscon-training motor control units including:

  • Soft Starters
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Star-Delta Starters
  • Auto-transformer Starters Direct Online Starters.

Designed to switch between two power sources,the main source and a backup source usually a generator set.

Running many generators in parallel by matching the speed and frequency, for supplyingthe amount of power needed.

Distribution Boards

Including  main distribution boards  (MDB),sub-main distribution boards (SMDB) and distribution and lighting boards (DBand LP).

Capacitor Banks & Power Factor Correction

Panel consisting of connected capacitors to increase the power factor thus improving the stabilityand efficiency ofthe network.

Duly wired with ACB/MCCB/SFU/DOL/STAR DELTA/ATS starters. Various designs provided like single/double front, fixed type, with marshalling terminations.

All starters are provided with type 2 co- ordination where required. Separate bus bar chamber for vertical droppers, can be operating by remote on/off.

An Automatic transfer switch panel, or ATS panel, is a type of transfer panel used with a diesel generator to automatically switch between the mains and generator in the event of a power failure. The generator will start I stop automatically depending on the mains supply.

  • Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
  • ATS
  • ATS Connector
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)
  • DC Supply
  • Current Transformer (CT)
  • ATS Power

Fully automatic synchronizing panels operated by microprocessor based relays, Auto synchronizing, manual synchronizing. auto load sharing, active and reactive power management with protection etc., we s pec ia lize in off e r ing a ll- inc lus ive ra nge of synchronizing panels. Our user friendly and easy to keep up panels can be expanded as per requirements due to their flexibility.

  • Panels assembly shop  & office-  Located  in surat  of India-Gujarat with a space of 7000 Sq
  • Fabrication shop- Total area of 5000 Sq
  • Long t erm  vendor   relation  and  supply  c hain management linked with principal

Electri Fi Engineers equipped with all types of testing devices to furnish the work qualitatively. Before conducting the tests we take all precautionary conditions to avoid the damages and harm. Testing certificates are maintaining properly well-functioning of the testing equipment.

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